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Apps & More Software Design, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Donald Hall. My original intent was to provide reliable engineering and scientific software, a continuation of what I had been doing all of my working life. Customer demand rapidly narrowed the focus to script scheduling software, which presently includes the Macintosh OS X application Script Timer. (Script Timer is no longer for sale, but still works in OS X 10.13 (High Sierra).

With the advent of the iPhone OS (now called iOS) the decision was made to branch out into development for this exciting new platform. Our first product is Mental Health Scales.

PLEASE NOTE: Apps and More Software Design, Inc. is not in any way affiliated with the German startup company

About Mental Health Scales

Mental Health Scales was developed in close collaboration with Carol Peyser, MD. Dr. Peyser is a board-certified, practicing Adult Psychiatrist with many years of clinical experience. In her active daily practice she provides highly individualized care for a wide variety of conditions. She has served on the full-time faculty at both the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and at Stanford University School of Medicine, and has authored many peer-reviewed papers on psychiatric and neurological disorders.

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